Lay Report – 28/8/19

Daygame. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. Another Colombian girl added to my portfolio, this one that I suspect has a boyfriend and also with the help of a little pre-selection from the night before. For the purpose of this lay report, let’s call the girl Mary. We will also refer to... Continue Reading →


Todays Thoughts: Creating Hunger in Abundance – 14/8/19

Over the last few weeks I have noticed an empty sensation of desire in my life as a player. Rarely have I felt the urge to go out and find new women. Sure, I can still number close and organise dates. However there is no burning desire, no urgency in me to go out and... Continue Reading →

Yes, I’m still alive.

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I might as well let everyone know that I’m alive and well. I’ve been working my regular job, as well as starting up my own side-hustle. I’ve still found the time to daygame, but not as much as I would like. March was a good month.... Continue Reading →

Month in Review – February 2019

February was a busy month. I went on 15 dates with 10 different girls, banging 6 of them including 2 new notches. Given that there’s only 28 days on February, that’s just over one date every two days. Towards the end of the month it became pretty overwhelming, and kind of boring. It’s also a... Continue Reading →

Handling Flakes

Flakes are annoying. I’m not talking about flakey phone numbers, I’m talking about those last-minute date flakes. This is one of the dark sides of daygame that you seldom hear about. As you can probably guess, I got flaked on tonight, which has encouraged me to right this blog post. I number closed a cute-looking... Continue Reading →

500 Words on The Long Game

A lot of daygame books and advice dedicates its purpose to pulling the girl and having sex with her on the first date. This is entirely possible, I’ve done it multiple times and so has many other daygamers. However I believe there is a scarcity of advice on ‘second dates’, and even beyond that. I... Continue Reading →

Why Daygame?

In 2017 I read the book ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek. This book has been recommended to me by several other practitioners in the industry I work in. At the time, I was cold approaching in a casual format. The only ‘game’ or ‘pick-up’ related reading I would do was practical and merely a... Continue Reading →


Colombian: By far my favourite. Picked this girl up on the street after not one, not two, but three stares. Have been seeing her now since March 2019. Never have I felt such soft, smooth skin on a woman. Very high energy and loves to be submissive. Always down for some fun. Italian/Australian: The only... Continue Reading →

Lay Report: 10/2/19

All hail daygame. Another notch for 2019, putting me on 4 new notches for the year. This lay came from having an opportunity, and grabbing it with two hands. The girl gave me a strong IOI whilst she was working. I was just about to walk out of the store before I came to my senses... Continue Reading →

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